Established in 2020
York, UK


Will, Managing Director


About Us

The last couple of years has put a lot of things in perspective for me. Life in a pandemic has given us all an opportunity to re-evaluate what’s important, what isn’t, and how our choices and actions can help to have a positive impact on the world.

That’s exactly why I started Roar Social.

Because, in a world that increasingly appears to be falling apart, I decided I wanted to use my skillset for a real purpose – to influence changes for the better of society, humanity, and the planet. 

But, how can a York-based social media agency help do all that? 

By working with businesses that are looking to do more than just sell something. By giving a voice to those speaking for sustainability and positive change, on any scale.

The ultimate goal for Roar Social is to provide Social Media Management for companies that work in sight of a sustainable, connected planet. 

Social media, to us, is all about the story. 

Who you are. What your customers need. And how we are going to bring them on this journey.  

We’ll help you find your voice. 

Then show you how to ROAR.


Demystifying the land of social media to provide world class social media management


a better world through social media